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Astral Acquisitions Inc.

The finest new player corp in the galaxy, and your new home.

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What is Astral Acquisitions Inc?

Astral Acquisitions Inc. is a new player friendly corporation with a heavy emphasis on fun-per-hour, encouraging our members and arming them with the tools to do what they love in EVE Online without the stressful overhead that bigger alliances might impose on an adult gaming schedule.

We tend to be most active during NA prime time (23:00/00:00 EVE time), and most of our time is spent on activities like exploration and industry, but will never back down from a fight if we can participate.

Ship Replacement Program (SRP)

One of our main goals at Astral Acquisitions is to help new players and encourage them to explore Eve to it's fullest. To accomplish that goal we maintain Ship Replacement Program to allow new players to experience more of the game without the pressure and fear of losing everything they own. New Eden is a dangerous place with a lot of dangerous people, and you never know what might happen next. This program ensures that our members aren't left with nothing to their name and starting from the very beginning when the inevitable happens.

Through this program we even offer a profit on certain ships lost in Astral sponsored fleet PVP events. This means we will actually pay you *more* than you lost if you die in one of our PVP fleets. We do this to lower the barriers to entry for fleet PVP and make it a purely fun experience for everyone involved.

PVP Loss in a Corp Fleet: 100% up to 20 million.
PVP Loss while piloting support (Logistics) in fleet: 150% up to 20 million.

PVE Loss: 80% up to 10 million.

Programs for Industry-minded players

For those looking to focus more on the industry side of things we also have some programs and infrastructure for that.

Ore Buyback

We offer an ore buyback service where you can sell any ore that you mine directly to the corporation at a refinery near our home station. You will receive 90% of the Jita trade price for the ore and the ores will then be used by the corporation to produce ships, ammo, mods, etc for new players and for PVP fleets.

Blueprint Database

We maintain a large database of Blueprint Originals (BPOs) that our corporation members are freely able to research and make copies of at any time for their own industrial use.

Industrial Stations

For now, we have access to stations available to use from other nearby corporations with good rates and convenient locations. In the near future we plan to start initiatives to build our own industrial facilities and a citadel in our home system.

Ready to join Astral Acquisitions Inc.?

Check out our promotional video and then follow our (very short) guide to get signed up. We look forward to meeting you and fleeting up in the near future!

Astral Acquisitions Inc. Leadership

Stella Goldfish


Carlos Belvar

Officer: Second In Command, Industrial Commander

Bin Lo Shang

Officer: Diplomatic Leader


Officer: Military Leader


Officer: Personnel Manager

Command Structure

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