Frigate Tournament

By Cat at Keyboard on December 12, 2021

Recently we had our first small scale in-corp frigate tournament, where members fit out a t1/meta frigate with basic pvp equipment and took them into glorious battle against each other in tournament bracket format.

Plenty of prizes were handed out not only to those who performed well, but also for participation. For some people, this was their first taste of actually shooting at another player, and while the fights can be quick and dirty at times, they're important for learning the basics of ship fittings, and getting a good feel for the limitations of what frigates can and can't do - all for a few million ISK.

We plan to host PVP-based events on a weekly basis, so there's plenty of opportunities for members to jump in and have a good time. As for who won? Well, you might have to watch to see.

Keep an eye out for more events by following the announcements in Discord.

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