Happy Holidays from Astral Inc!

By Cat at Keyboard on December 28, 2021

This month has seen a lot of new friends joining us in preparing to celebrate the new year. Winter Nexus event has been particularly kind to us (or unkind, if you're one of the people who have been ganked in a Praxis multiple times, not naming any names), and with our first structures being anchored the might of our industrial newbie empire is slowly building.

The holiday giveaways have been given away to people in Discord, the secret santa's been wrapped up, and now all that's left to do is come up with lofty resolutions that we both know you don't intend to make good on for 2022.

Here's a couple of neat shots picked from our Discord photo album, submitted by community members. (Open each in a new tab/window for full size).

A real cat at a keyboard, and you're only able to read this because we live in the one universe where by sheer chance and coincidence, the cat is creating coherent sentences and playing games by hitting random keys.