Industrial Revolution!

By Cat at Keyboard on December 12, 2021

For the past several weeks, our band of diligent pilots have been making our namesake proud by acquiring all manner of material from the stars - ISK from bounty hunting, products from the surface factories of planets, rare data chips and relics from deep space exploration sites, draconian code samples from the sleepers of wormhole systems, and yes, more than a few chunks of ore from the local asteroid fields. But now we hone our mining crystals to a more shared and communal goal; Anchoring our first citadel that we can truly call our own.

To achieve this goal, we'll need a corp-wide effort on a multidisciplinary scale. We'll need raw ISK from the bounty hunters, minerals from the asteroid fields in different regions of space outside of our home, ice from the frozen belts for fuel, planetary products that we work together to industrialize, and the combined might of our fleets to defend it when the reds come a-knocking.

Anchoring a citadel lets us bypass taxes that other corporations impose on us for things like clone bays, reprocessing facilities, science and invention labs, and manufacturing plants, as well as give us the opportunity to potentially mine ore directly from moons and make our own asteroid belts.

But more importantly than that, a citadel would represent the combined effort of our group, from the little part time miner, to the industrial capitalists, to the defense fleet pilots ready to go at a moment's notice.

It would fly a flag. Our flag. And that's something exciting.

OPSEC information on how to contribute in Discord.

A real cat at a keyboard, and you're only able to read this because we live in the one universe where by sheer chance and coincidence, the cat is creating coherent sentences and playing games by hitting random keys.