New Website and Promo Video!

By Alechilles Tantalus on December 12, 2021

Hey everyone,

Alec here! Today I am excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! I've been working in the shadows on this project for the past week or so, and today the first version is ready to go!

From now on we'll be posting general news and event information here on the site (but don't worry, posts will be mirrored in discord too). In the future, we plan to add more functionality such as posts that only corp-members can see. With that functionality, we'll be able to post ship fittings and other important information that we wouldn't want outside eyes to have intel on.

The new site also houses a short guide on how to apply to Astral, and a Getting Started guide for our new recruits to follow right after joining which should help ease some of the initial transition into the corp.

Cat hired someone to do a voiceover and put together a really cool advertisement video for Astral, and I highly recommend checking it out below!

Stay tuned for more news and updates in the near future!

HR Manager and Web Developer for Astral Acquisitions Inc. Alechilles first started in Eve Online in 2012, but did not get deeply involved until joining Astral in late 2021.